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The guide to help you navigate around my content with ease.

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As you might know, I regularly write on Medium covering topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Visualization, TensorFlow, and other programming topics. Since the volume of my content reached a certain level, it got harder to see what I wrote about. So, I put together this guide to help you navigate around my content with ease.

I have been publishing in Towards Data Science for a long time and recently started publishing in The Startup. I publish my posts under the following series:

Table of Contents

I   - Artificial Intelligence Essentials
II - ML Programming Essentials
III - Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0
IV - Natural Language Processing
V - Deep Learning Case Studies
VI - Kaggle's Titanic Competition Mini-Series
VII - Non-Technical Artificial Intelligence Articles
VIII - Non-English Articles

Here is a list of all my posts under their corresponding series:

I — Artificial Intelligence Essentials

As the name suggests, you may find essential information on artificial intelligence. This series for both coders and non-coders

  1. 4 Machine Learning Approaches that Every Data Scientist Should Know

II— ML Programming Essentials

This series consists of articles that provide practical information about ML programming and programming environment:

III — Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0

This series is a great source if you are new to TensorFlow. It is also a journey where we start from scratch and slowly reach real-life case studies:

  1. Beginner’s Guide to TensorFlow 2.x for Deep Learning Applications
  2. Mastering TensorFlow Tensors in 5 Easy Steps
  3. Mastering TensorFlow “Variables” in 5 Easy Steps
  4. Eager Execution vs. Graph Execution with TensorFlow
  5. 3 Ways to Build Neural Networks in TensorFlow with the Keras API

IV — Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing articles:

  1. Mastering Word Embeddings in 10 Minutes with TensorFlow
  2. Mastering Word Embeddings in 10 Minutes with IMDB Reviews

V — Deep Learning Case Studies

This series for the people who know how to use TensorFlow to some extent and look for deep learning case studies:

V I— Kaggle’s Titanic Competition Mini-Series

This is a machine learning mini-series where we start from the simplest form of machine learning all the way up to NLP and Deep Learning applications to participate the Kaggle’s most popular competition, Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster:

  1. Kaggle’s Titanic Competition in 10 Minutes | Part-I
  2. Kaggle’s Titanic Competition in 10 Minutes | Part-II
  3. Kaggle’s Titanic Competition in 10 Minutes | Part-III

VII— Non-Technical Articles on Technology

These are the list of articles where I don’t use coding but share my experience as a researcher and a programmer:

VIII — Non-English Articles

This is the list of articles I did and will publish in a non-English language:

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